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Crafted specifically as a subcompact small game hunting rifle, the MicroHunter boasts a remarkable length of merely 27 inches and a featherweight 5.6-pound build. Don't let its petite frame deceive you; this powerhouse delivers over 25ft lbs of muzzle energy. Introducing the innovative BarkStripper (TM) adjustable air stripper, meticulously engineered to mitigate accuracy-degrading air turbulence and minimize muzzle report for enhanced shooting precision. Notably, the rifle is equipped with 1/2-20 and 3/4-16 muzzle threads accompanied by a protector, catering to additional sound reduction devices.

The MicroHunter stock embodies versatility with its ambidextrous design and an adjustable cheek rest catering to both left and right-handed shooters. With a Fixed/Adjustable design, it ensures a sturdy, noise-free platform, featuring a spring-loaded butt pad extendable to 1.25 inches at the press of a button, adjustable in .45-inch increments across four positions.

In the realm of modern airgun shooting, the MicroHunter sets the standard, promising unparalleled accuracy, adjustability, and uncompromising quality, delivering the epitome of the airgun experience.

Rapidairworx MicroHunter Air Rifle MicroHunter Rifle
Our Price: $1,679.95